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2017 Spring Conference Materials - April 2-5, 2017


Sunday, April 2

Life Cycle of HR Department | Talent Acquisition

Raushawna Price, Sr. Director Talent Acquisition – Wake County Schools

Red Flags/Cautions in Hiring

Glenda Jones

Onboarding/Induction Best Practices

Rae Thompson & Dr. Alvera Lesane


Employee Housekeeping

Cynthia Lopez & Dr. Martha Robinson

Glow, Grow, or Gooooo  (investigations, conversations) with Anne Mackin  

The Five Types of Employee DisciplineUp Slope ChartFramework of Categories for Employee Discipline
Considerations for Selections | Progressive Employee DisciplineInvestigation ProceduresDocumentation


Monday, April 3

Stable Thoughts

Gregg Hunter, McLaughlin Young EAP

Disciplining and terminating certified employees

Chris Campbell, Campbell Shatley, PLLC


FMLA - Disability

Chris Campbell, Campbell Shatley, PLLC

Licensure / Review of new policies / New CTE concerns / Timeline expectations going forward

Nadine Ejire, Christy Layne & DPI

School Business System Modernizations

Steve Foster, Guilford County Schools


Who’s Who of Employee InvestigationsSRO/Administration/Law enforcement

Sheriff Tracey Carter, Lee County Sheriff Department

Tuesday, April 4

Contracts 2018 and Beyond

Adam Smith, Tharrington Smith


Updates from Jones’ StreetBudget Updates

Katherine Joyce & Alexis Schauss


Personnel Workshop: The Future of Teacher Contracts,
and Best Practices for Addressing Employee Performance and Conduct Concerns

Adam S. Mitchell, Tharrington Smith


Ins & Outs of Assessing Salaries

Hank Hurd, Ricky Lopes & Brenda Jones | School Efficiency Consultants


Pension Spiking with Ann McColl

Annuity Factor Letter 2011 | Annuity Factor Letter 2016
NCSSA Memo | 2016 Spiking Formula

Applicant tracking update and support services

Joel Leeper & Wendy Hinson

Wednesday, April 5

Employee Discipline/Case Studies

Robin Little & Dr. Marcie Holland

Can I Ask About That?” | Interviews and Pre-Employment Inquiries   

Richard Schwartz, Schwartz & Shaw PLLC

Top Ten (Or More) Legal Issues for School Administrators (2017)

Richard Schwartz, Schwartz & Shaw PLLC

Treasurer's Report


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