PANC is an affiliate member of NCASA, the umbrella agency for 12 school administration nonprofits across the state. 

We encourage you to get involved with NCASA and to take advantage of our affiliate membership. 

Since 2011, our School Law and Policy Symposium has been a collaborative event, featuring some of NC’s top education attorneys and subject matter experts who have delivered pertinent and timely content outlining legal and policy information that affects every school district throughout our state!

It’s that time of year again! NCASA is finalizing content for this year’s School Law and Policy Symposium. NCASA’s Advocacy Team and education legal professionals from across the state will be present to discuss a wide range of how to navigate and plan for legal issues that affect your school districts each day. Join us for this enlightening and impactful event this fall!

  • Student Mental Health Obligations

  • 2022 Legislative Update

  • 2022 Budget Update

  • Federal Issues Update

  • Exceptional Children Law & Policy Update

  • Case Law Update Free Speech For School Employees

  • Academic Freedom In Publicly Funded Schools

  • School Personnel Update

  • Teacher & Administrator Compensation Update

  • School Finance Overview & Hot Topics

  • Student Discipline Issues

  • Technology & Cybersecurity Issues

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SEPTEMBER 26-27, 2022