Western Region Education Service Alliance

April Spencer | WRESA Secondary Education Coordinator 
Candie Sellers | WRESA Elementary Coordinator


Meetings will be held monthly at the Asheville Chamber of Commerce

Learn more about our region at www.wresa.org

Western Region Contacts


DPI Regional Education Facilitator | Amy Laughter

Email: amlaughter@hcpsnc.org  Phone: 828-606-5026

Asheville City* Schools

Dr. Mark Dickerson, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

Email: mark.dickerson@acsgmail.net  Phone: 828-350-6123  


Kimberly Dechant, Director of Recruitment and Induction

Email: kimberly.dechant@acsgmail.net  Phone: 828-350-6140


Wendy Hensley, Licensure Specialist

Email: wendy.hensley@acsgmail.net Phone:  828-350-6136

Avery County Schools | Thomas Howell, Director of Human Resources

Email: thomashowell@averyschools.net 

Buncombe County Schools

Kimberly Fisher, Director of Human Resources

Email: kimberly.fisher@bcsemail.org  Phone: 828-232-4233

Brian Propst, Assistant Director of HR

Email: brian.propst@bcsemail.org  Phone: 828-350-2263


Shonda Haynes, Licensure Specialist

Email: shonda.haynes@bcsemail.org  Phone: 828-255-5898


Angie Elliott, WCA/ADA/Leave Manager

Email: angela.elliott@bcsemail.org  Phone: 828-255-5897

Catawba RALC Schools | Karoline Fisher

Email: catawbaralc@gmal.com  Phone: 828-464-0036

Cherokee County Schools

Nikki Rhinehart, Bt and Licensue Coordinator

Email: nikki.rhinehart@ccs-nc.org   Phone: 828.554.5122

Elle Bradley, Human Resources Coordinator

Email: elle.bradley@ccs-nc.org   Phone: 828.554.5122

Clay County Schools | Angel Owens, Director of Human Resources

Email: aowens@clayschools.org  Phone:828-389-8513

Graham County Schools | Angela Knight, Superintendent

Email: aknight@graham.k12.nc.us   Phone: 828-479-9820

Haywood County Schools | Jason Heinz, Human Resource Director

Email: jheinz@haywood.k12.nc.us  Phone: (828)-456-2400

Henderson County Schools | Scott Rhodes, Chief Human Resources Officer

Email: wsrhodes@hcpsnc.org  Phone: (828) 697-4733

Jackson County Schools | Teri Walawender, Human Resources Director

Email: twalawender@jcpsmail.org  Phone: (828) 586-2311 x1925

Macon County Schools

Todd Gibbs, Director of Human Resources

Email: todd.gibbsl@macon.k12.nc.us  Phone: 828-524-3314 ext. 1029


Janice Dills, Administrative Assistant

Email: janice.dills@macon.k12.nc.us  Phone: 828-524-3314 ext. 1038

Madison County Schools | Lisa Gahugan, Assistant Superintendent

Email: lgahagan@madisonk12.net

McDowell County Schools

Amy W. Dowdle, Director of Human Resources

Email: amy.dowdle@mcdowell.k12.nc.us  Phone: 828-652-4535 ext. 4123

Vicki White, Licensure/HR Support Specialist

Email: vicki.white@mcdowell.k12.nc.us  Phone: 828-652-4535 ext. 4103

Mitchell County Schools | Jennifer Gregory, Assistant Superintendent of HR

Email: jgregory@mcsnc.org  Phone: 828-766-2252

Polk County Schools

** Personnel Director position is currently vacant


Tonya Odel, Administrative Assistant

Email: todel@polkschools.org  Phone: 828-894-1001

Rutherford County Schools

Erika Stronach, Director of Human Resources

Email: estronach@rcsnc.org  Phone: 828-288-2230

Heather Munn, Licensure

​Email: hmurray@rcsnc.org  Phone: (828) 288-2230

Swain County Schools

Thomas Dills, Human Resource Director

Email: tdills@swainmail.org  Phone: 828-488-3129 ext.5125

Lavonda Woodring, HR/Licensure Specialist

Email: lwoodring@swainmail.org  828-488-3129 ext. 5128

Transylvania County Schools

Brian Weaver, Director of Human Resources

​Email: bweaver@tcsnc.org Phone: 828-884-6173 

Yancey County Schools

Carla McMahan, Human Resources Coordinator

Email: cjmcmahan@yanceync.net  Phone: 828-682-6101 ext. 110 

* Located in Buncombe County