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2019 Fall Conference Materials - October 20-23, 2019


Sunday, October 20

Licensure 101 -

Karoline Fisher, Teresa McCall, Penny Powell – RALC Directors;

Susan Ruiz, Chief – Licensure, Steleana Rountree - Licensure

Licensure 1 on 1 Assistance -

RALC & State License Reps

Monday, October 21

Keynote Speaker - Updates from DPI

Dr. Beverly Emory, Deputy Superintendent of Educator Support

Continuation of Updates from DPI -

Tom Tomberlin, Susan Ruiz, Andrew Sioberg

School Business Modernization - Implementation Updates

Michael Spano, George Phelps, Ron Townsend

Contract vs. At Will & Central Office; FLSA Updates

Bob Joyce, UNC School of Government

Tuesday, October 22
Performance and Conduct Investigations – Professional and Classified

Dean Shatley, Campbell & Shatley

Budget Update

Alexis Schauss - Chief School Business Officer - DPI

Non-Budget Legislation and Future Legislative Priorities

Elizabeth Yelverton, Legal Affairs & Policy Manager, NCASA

Title IX Updates and Policy Compliance

Allison Schafer, NCSBA

Pension Spiking Updates

Leann Winer, NCSBA

Wednesday, October 23
Help! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t (Won’t) Get Up for Work…. FMLA, Disability Leave, and Beyond

Katie Cornetto, Attorney, Schwartz & Shaw

Harassment, Bullying, etc Policy and Case Studies

Colin Shive, Attorney, Tharrington Smith, LLC


PANC Finance Report

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