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2018 Spring Conference Materials - April 22-25, 2018


Sunday, April 22

TSERS Disability Seminar -

Lawrence Halisky, State Employment Retirement System

NCDPI Update -

Eileen Townsend, NCDPI

Monday, April 23

Keeping Your Head Above Water…“LIFEJACKET” Skills for Self Care -

Gill McClean, Pure Edge

Open Government in the Digital Age

Kara Anne Millonzi, NCSOG

Finance & Budget Updates

Alexis Schauss, DPI

Update from Jones Street

Katherine Joyce, NCASA

Case Law Updates & Proactive Legal Strategies Dealing with Employees

Brian Shaw, Schwartz & Shaw PLLC

Tuesday, April 24
ACA/Federal Updates -

Colin Shive, Tharrington Smith LLP

Licensure Updates: Audit Report & Collaborative Problem Solving -

Susan Ruiz, DPI Licensing , Maria Pitre-Martin PhD, DPI Deputy State Superintendent

State of the Profession Report

Tom Tomberlin, DPI

Optional Breakout Sessions:

Wednesday, April 25
Legal Complexities with FMLA, STD, LTD… extended STD, Preliminary LTD -

Chris Campbell, Dean Shatley, Campbell & Shatley


PANC Finance Report

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